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Overige modellen / Proces system reageert niet
« Laatste bericht door Darkness1981 Gepost op september 17, 2017, 03:02:08 pm »
Beste medeleden
Even het volgende ik heb via android tv box .NL een wechip v7 gekocht met android 7.1 nou heb ik als ik kodi 17.4 open krijg ik deze melding app is gestopt en dan als ik er op druk komt de melding proces systeem reageert niet ik heb al de box opnieuw ingesteld en diversen apps geprobeerd maar ik kom er maar niet uit na een cache clean blijft het soms weg maar het komt altijd weer terug ik hoop dat iemand mijn kan helpen alvast bedankt  >:(
Games / Re: Kip shooter: Ruimte Defense spel voor Android
« Laatste bericht door Hologremye Gepost op september 05, 2017, 10:16:21 am »
I believe that it must be good, and then it is wonderful.
Overige modellen / Apparaat niet compatible met software
« Laatste bericht door Remco1980 Gepost op augustus 04, 2017, 09:21:51 am »
Beste lezers,

Graag jullie reactie op de volgende situatie:

Ik heb 2 dezelfde android boxen, te weten V88 TV-Box van Scishion.

Nu wil ik VPN-software van Goose hierop installeren. Het vreemde is dat dit op het ene apparaat wel lukt en het andere apparaat zegt dat het niet compatible is.

Wat heb ik gedaan:
- gekeken naar de versies van de playstore. Die waren niet identiek. Die heb ik geüpdate helaas zonder resultaat.

- contact opgenomen met de helpdesk van Goose. Zij konden mij helaas ook niet helpen.

Heeft iemand van jullie enig idee?

Apps / Download free Super Cleaner- Antivirus 2017 for Android
« Laatste bericht door mrland Gepost op augustus 01, 2017, 05:51:24 am »
Nowadays, there are many applications to clean the garbage and kill the virus for the Android devices. However, apkfly wants to share to you a great app which has the same function, called virus cleaner for Android.
Apkfly Play Store:
The application is believed by more than 10 million people all over the world because of being made so compact, smart and fast more the other apps. When you download the app, you can release your memory of the device, increase RAM, remove or disable unnecessary applications, enhance the speed of games, and make your phone run as fast as new.
With the outstanding features, cleaner apps for Android becomes more and more popular:
Clean up the garbage
Make cool CPU
Kill the virus to protect your devices
Speed up your smartphone
Disable unnecessary applications
Block the notifications is not important
Make your devices run smoother and faster through automatic mode to startup to manager
Key the applications: add the privacy
In addition, you should know some specifications of the app:
Latest version: 1.9.5
Publish Date: June 09, 2017
Category: Free Tool app
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Author: Hawk App Studio
And if you want to know exactly, you can access the web of producer, send an email to or go to the privacy policy.
Do you know that the best android cleaner is free of charge. You have not to any fees for the app.
Overige modellen / Panther pro ota update
« Laatste bericht door Groovylicious Gepost op juli 30, 2017, 09:23:48 pm »
Ik heb een panther pro mediaspeler en heb de laatsye maanden veel last van haperingen. Elke stream met minimum hd kwaliteit valt niet meer te bekijken. Ik dacht dat misschien een android update zou kunnen helpen maar ik vind hier niets van en via de update en backup app lukt het ook al niet. Iemand een idee?
Apps / [Game][Free] Download The hottest simulation game The Sims TM Mobile 2017
« Laatste bericht door mrland Gepost op juli 04, 2017, 04:56:16 am »
Have a nice day! is so pleased to be here to introduce to you the hottest game in the last time, called the sims online.
The game simulates the activities of daily life of one or more virtual people (often called as sims) in the suburbs near SimCity. The Sims Mobile was first released on April 2, 2000 and was one of the best-selling games in history and it was rated as one of the most famous life simulation games of all time.
When playing free sims game, the players will have the opportunity to create their own character with variety options to change their appearance.

Moreover, it is attractive to many  people because of interesting features:
  • Design your own dream home
    Care all of them in your house by yourself
    Work and earn money to improve the sim’s life in the Sim City
    Increase the life skills of the Sim by completing all of the goals.
    You can know how to play the game to easily conquer the game.
Firstly, when joining the sims, you will be given a Sim and you will have the right to choose clothes for your character. You should choose items that you find beautiful and really love because if you want to change the costume later you will have to spend money to buy them.
After choosing the character and costume, you will start playing the game. As a newcomer to The Sims City, like many other Sims games, you will start living in a small house and with less money. Because it's a new home, you have almost no substantial property apart from some simple items such as: a kitchen counters with a microwave and an old refrigerator, a bed, a toilet, a washbasin, a bathroom, a table with a computer, a desk phone (looks like old phone in the 90s), a drawing, a guitar, 4 pieces of farmland, 2 trees and a heap of grass around the house. Each of items has a benefit so that you can take advantage of it to earn money or connect with other sims.
Now, we will give you some specifications of sims game online:
  • Latest version:
    Publish Date: June 12, 2017
    Category: Free Simulation Games
    Author: Electronic Arts
    Requirements: Android 4.1+
If you want to check the information of the game, you can contact with the producer by accessing the web, sending email to or seeing the privacy policy here
Do you know that the sims download free is totally right? Therefore, you are no need to pay any fees for the game. you just need enter here and experience the life in the game!
Apkfly Play Store:
Overige modellen / stream loopt niet door
« Laatste bericht door crazybit Gepost op juli 01, 2017, 02:43:32 pm »
ik heb een m82+ box met android 5.1
als ik naar een site gaat waar stream is maakt het niet uit waar ik mee brouwse zowel chrome,monzilla of puffin de stream begint maar blijft bufferen start niet al gewist maar helpt niet.heb al box opnieuw geinstaleerd maar blijf dit probleem houden.
is op pagina pdc darts.
via pc geen problemen.

wat kan evt de oorzaak zijn en is er een oplossing hier voor ?

gr crazybit
Apps / [Game][Free] Download free game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
« Laatste bericht door mrland Gepost op juni 19, 2017, 10:52:30 am »
How do you do everyone!
Today, is very pleased to introduce an interesting action game, which is called Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was produced basing on a true story and it said about San Andreas, a member of Carl Johnson gangs, he came back from Liberty City to Los Santos after receiving that his mother was assassinated, and the family is in chaos. Throughout the game, CJ gradually discovers the plot behind his mother's death.

The gameplay of gta is also simple including the elements of the third- shooting view and racing games, which brings a new experience to players. You can control a variety of vehicles, including cars, buses, motorboats, planes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and bicycles. Moreover, you could use two guns at once to increase their firepower. And due to the large size of San Andreas when playing game gta, you can also mark a certain place on the map to get there more easily.

In addition, we want to talk to you some features helping this game becomes more and more popular:
An action role- playing game with interesting and attractive gameplay
The unique graphics and sounds
The character can swim, claim which doesn’t have at gta game before
The latest model transportations
The diversity vehicles systems stimulating the players can conquer them.
Apkly also provides some  specifications of gta san andreas android in order that you can know clearly about this game and completely believe us:
Latest version: 1.08
Type: action, racing and shooting
Publish Date: March 21, 2105
Author: Rockstar games
Especially, download gta san andreas is totally free of charge, you have not to pay any fees for this game.
Let’s click and download here:
Wish you have a great time when playing the game!
Apps / Download Shadow Fight 2 2017 Free
« Laatste bericht door mrland Gepost op mei 18, 2017, 05:20:51 am »
Shadow Fight 2 game is a fighting game with great 2D effects to bring new experience to players. All of the dangerous weapons will help you to fight against your enemies. In the playing process, you will feel like you are the character in the game along with the impressive graphics. Your mission is to attack the enemies and achieve the goal of each level. Moreover, Shadow
Moreover, Shadow Fight 2 game donwload is free of charge so you are no need to pay any fees, you still play this game.

With some outstanding features of game for Androind, developer game Nekki made game more and more attractive:
   The interface is optimized on touch screens and appealing gameplay
   Characters are equipped with modern and diverse weapon systems such as swords, batsmen, swords, armors and spells with
   Join engaging fight.
   Graphic design realistic and sharp.
   More exciting new details.
   Added new more weapons, armor, new spells.
   Strengthen the power for your character
   Upgrade the options: Allow to change settings of joystick, control settings, customize sound and game graphics.
   Improve some details in the game interface.
   Optimize game performance.
   Fixe some bugs in the old version.
You can see some specifications for Shadow Fight 2 apk:
•   Lastest verion: 1.9.29
•   Publish Date: April 26, 2017
•   Type: Fighting game
•   Author: Nekki
•   Using for Android 3.0
You can download by click:
Are you waiting for what? Let’s download Shadow Fight 2 to experience!
Philips / Android TV (Philips 55PUS7600/12 | SW 5.038.204 van 26 april 2017)
« Laatste bericht door AnZoDroid Gepost op april 27, 2017, 05:58:06 pm »
Bij het testen moest ik meerdere keren de tv van de stroom halen om überhaupt één van onderstaande apps te kunnen starten.


ARC HDMI laat het afweten bij het regelmatig wisselen van HDMI bronnen (aangesloten op een Harman Kardon 161S)


- Na het gebruik van andere video apps, loopt Youtube na enkele minuten vast met video. Audio loopt dan door.

- Bij het afspelen van lijsten, raakt de ARC HDMI na zo'n 3 video's het geluidskanaal kwijt (extern)

NPO Gemist

- Audio is in stereo, geen AC3 (waar mogelijk)


- Soms gaat na 7 minuten het beeld op zwart, terwijl het geluid verder gaat. Enige oplossing is dan het stoppen van de video. Daarmee is het beeld weer terug.

- Na de eerste commercial break springt het afspelen weer terug naar het begin van de aflevering, maar wel zonder audio.

- Audio is in stereo, geen AC3

SAMENVATTING: Het is onmogelijk om een volledig programma via RTL XL te kijken.


- Audio is in stereo, geen AC3


- Audio is in stereo, geen AC3

Amazon Prime Video

- App afwezig in Nederlands aanbod

- App afwezig in buitenlands aanbod

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